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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my book reviewed by SRL?
Send us a copy for consideration, along with any publicity materials you have. We reserve the right to decide which books to review.
How do you decide what to review? What are your criteria?
Interest (ours and that of the public), uniqueness (other books coming out on the same topic), currency (recent publication date), author expertise, and distribution (availability).

How many subscribers to your e-mail newsletters are there?
About 6,000 total, and they are sorted by areas: general, history, literature, humanities, arts, science, professional business 

How often do you e-mail them?
Generally monthly, some areas quarterly, with URL links to reviews.

What are your hit rates, and the country breakdown of your visitors?
Daily hit rate is between 8 and 9,000, about ½ U.S. & ½ global.

Who is your target audience? 
We market to librarians and booksellers, but our reading population is the general public.  

What is their background?
College educated, general technical interest. 

How long has this portal been in operation?
5.5 years

How do you get people to be aware of your site?
We list with major web browsers and have links from libraries and special interest groups to sections of website.

How many publishers participate?
The specific publishers vary widely on a monthly basis. All major commercial publishers and many academic, and professional publishers contribute titles for review. 

SRL in Brief

For you, our readers, (SRL) processes the national and global conversation coming out in print, so you don’t have to.

We survey the titles coming out each month & review the best.

We deliver reviews, about 50 of them, to you on a monthly basis providing an overview that is a

  • Concise
  • Bias free
  • Varied fiction and nonfiction
  • Adult & children's titles