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Primary Target Audience

For those who want to stay informed, who want to know what’s going on in the published literature, but who don’t have time to scan the thousands of titles coming out every month. And also for those who want to find a fish cookbook or a fly-tying guide. 

For both the self-taught and the over-educated – compulsive readers, busy professionals, homemakers, retirees, academics, independent scholars and intellectuals – who want to know what’s going on beyond their narrow field of focus. 

Secondary Audience

Librarians, publicists, booksellers, SRL is for you too! We provide you with a broad selection of book reviews for free distribution.

Company History (SRL) began as a spin-off from another book review website,, which began in 1990 with friends and associates who share a passion for ideas. SRL developed its focus on general, discerning readers. What we all still have in common is we like to read and we cooperate in sharing books.

Some of us started reading groups after formal schooling ended. We discovered that there are more entertaining things to read out there than there are good sources to tell us about them. The New York Review of Books and other mainstream reviewing media hardly scratch the surface of what is new to know and enjoy. So we joined together to make accessible to the public succinct reviews of the books we read.

Our backgrounds embrace education, marketing, bookselling, journalism, religion, the sciences and the humanities.

We review the best of the latest books.

We connect authors & publishers with the book-reading & buying public.

Currently Emphasizing:
  • African American & Gender Studies
  • The Arts, Photography, Architecture, & the Humanities, including Music & Graphic Design
  • Biographies & Memoirs, including Entertainment & Sports
  • Business & Investing, including Management & Leadership, Entrepreneurship
  • Computers & the Internet, including Webtools
  • Education, Teaching & Learning, Training & Human Resources, Online Learning
  • Outdoors & Nature, Travel, Environmental Studies
  • Health & Fitness, including Medicine, Nursing, Public Health & Alternative Medicine
  • History, especially Cultural & Military, the South, Germany & the Holocaust
  • Home & Garden, including Cooking, Food & Wine, & Home Improvement
  • Mysteries & Thrillers, including Science Fiction
  • Parenting & Families, Gerontology Studies
  • Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, including New Age &Occult
  • Psychology & Self-Help
  • Library Science, General & Professional Reference
  • Social Sciences, including Anthropology, Culture & Policy Studies
  • Technology and Technical Writing
Types of Reviews:
  • Publicity, Informational, Content Reviews
  • Critical, Evaluative Reviews

Editorial Policy:

If we review a book, then we recommend it, within the specifications of the review. (SRL) places a premium on selection and not on quantity. All opinions are those of the reviewers.

Some of the contents of reviews are copyrighted by book publishers. Content unique to SRL is not copyrighted.  

We do not directly sell the books or products we review. We evaluate them, providing hyperlinks to booksellers, publishers, and author’s websites.

Our reviews rely upon the content of the book to tell you what the book is about. We reproduce summary excerpts from some titles so you may get a feel for the author's style and the contents of the book. We do make editorial revisions and deletions that are not noted in our copy. After all, our reviews are meant to attract readers to the publication and are not meant to substitute for reading the volume. We also rely upon publicity write-ups, but tone down the superlatives.

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SRL in Brief

For you, our readers, (SRL) processes the national and global conversation coming out in print, so you don’t have to.

We survey the titles coming out each month & review the best.

We deliver reviews, about 50 of them, to you on a monthly basis providing an overview that is a

  • Concise
  • Bias free
  • Varied fiction and nonfiction
  • Adult & children's titles