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Discussions for Community Building


The Salon is sponsored by and receives some financial and technical support from: and



To help people communicate across barriers of class, age, race, gender and political persuasion to build communication and community skills. 

Goals of the Salon

  • To bring diverse people together.
  • To communicate things that are of importance and concern to all of us.
  • To share a social event and meet new people.


  • To continually poll the group about what ideas will make a good three-hour topic.
  • To develop communication skills, leadership and group process skills (speaking, questioning, summarizing, listening, paying attention to cues, conflict resolution…).
  • To break down barriers between people, such as fear and anger.
  • To recruit diversity for the group.

Volunteer Leadership Team

  • Coordinators: Anna Washington and Whit Price 
  • Webmaster: Paul Nagy
  • Godfather: Richard Zieger
  • Leadership Team: Joy Hewett, Charlotte Hoffman, Mary Luckhardt, Rocco and Hatsy Nittoli, and Mort Zwick
  • Photographer: Mike Hsu

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